Komatsu Demo Ground

For a better understanding what we do at our plant we offer the famous Plant Tour of our plant in Düsseldorf. Added to this, we provide you with a lot of action! Visit our Demo Ground in Wuppertal and see the state-of-the-art excavator "PC4000-11" in Wuppertal. This machine has the latest features on board e.g. KomVision, improved Safety measurements, environmental features. We offer this package to all of our customers and distributors. See the first steps of engineering, manufacturing to the excavator in action. The tour is only for customers and not for public visitors.

Customer Experience Tour of Komatsu

Plant Tour Düsseldorf

Explore the engineering processes of Komatsu
See the manufacture of the excavators

— 20 mins. via car —

Demo Ground Wuppertal

Experience the excavator in action
Feel the latest innovations of the machine

Demo Ground in Action!

Customer Touchpoint

The Demo Ground is exclusively for our customers and distributors. Building up shovels requires detailed knowledge and a technical understanding. Especially, if you have a tight time schedule for getting the machine to work, Komatsu Germany is able to provide you with an assembly supervisor. Their years of experience help you assemble the shovel quicker and more safely.

Touch and feel

Excavator in action

Next to the plant where you can see the manufacture of the excavator, you can marvel the excavator in action. See the latest features of the PC4000-11 in Wuppertal and sit next to the operator in the cabin.

Test the machine!

Customer Voices

"The Demo Ground in Wuppertal was a great experience to see the excavator in action. It is our first time touching a machine before buying."

– Customer

"It is a positive step from KGM to invest into a Demo Ground. This is a real Unique Seeling Point for KGM."

– Customer

Our Partner

Oetelshofen Kalk

Oetelshofen Kalk is the owner and operator of the quarry where our PC4000-11 is placed. Based in Wuppertal, Oetelshofen Kalk produces limestone and limestone-based products, for example burnt lime. Burnt lime is a necessary ingredient in many industrial applications, for example in iron and construction industry. Without lime, there would be no steel, no concrete and sugar would not be of white color. Also in environmental applications, limestone-based products are irreplaceable to treat waste water and exhaust fumes from power plants. Therefore, Oetelshofen Kalk is a certified company in close relationship to many industries and with a strong engagement in environmental protection.

Visit Oetelshofen Kalk!

Environmental Protection

Niederbergische Eagle Owl Project

Eagle owls know the daily business of a quarry. The owls are used to the environment of the quarry. For this reason, we are an active part of the "Niedebrergische Eagle Owl Project" to protect the environment and the natural habitat of the owls.

Visit the project!