The excavators of Komatsu are known for their outstanding performance, reliability, quality and endurance. Komatsu provides the customer the best package of service, solutions and business optimization.

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Our roots are more than 111 years old. 1907 Carlshütte builds the first electric driven rope shovel in Duisburg. 1925 Demag gains full control of Carlshütte. 1954 was an outstanding year for us. We invented and released the first fully hydraulic excavator B504. In 1972, we launched the first 100t hydraulic shovel - H101. 1996 was a milestone in our history. Komatsu and Demag contracted a joint venture called "Demag Komatsu GmbH". 1999 was the joint venture dissolved to 100% Komatsu - Komatsu Mining Germany. 2004, we introduced the PC8000 with 42 cum - front shovel. The PC3000-6 was launched in 2005. The PC5500 was finally released in 2006 with a 28 cum bucket. 2016 was a spectacular year, we launched the PC7000 on the BAUMA. In 2017 we opened the Technical Center to push the engineering skills and technology force of our employees.

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At our 110,000m² production plant in the south of Düsseldorf, Komatsu Germany’s mining division produces five different types of mining excavators with machinery weights of 250 metric tons up to 760 metric tons. Depending on each model, the size of the bucket varies from 16m³ to 42m³, which our flagship, the huge PC 8000, carries.

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As a globally acting OEM of super large hydraulic excavators you can expect challenging assignments, allowing you to actively plan and develop our future while continuously developing your own skills. Our major commitment to quality and to innovative solutions combines with individual service.

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News Area

The news area is about the latest innovations of Komatsu Hydraulic Excavators, business results, employee news and information related to our plant in Düsseldorf. The brand Komatsu is a worldwide synonym for top quality, achieved through continuous product development and innovation combined with reliability.