First shipment of the brand new PC7000-11

This excavator is not just an ordinary PC7000, it is the first shipment of a PC7000 in the -11 version and also the first PC7000 to Latin America.

A brand new PC7000 goes on a journey over Christmas. The things are packed, the sandwiches are greased and a brand new PC7000-11 has been shipped. This excavator is not just an ordinary PC7000, it is the first shipment of a PC7000 in the -11 version and also the first PC7000 to Latin America.

The PC7000-11 provides superior features such as KomtraxPlus 2 version, improved electronics, which results in less maintenance and improved response times. The PC7000-11 has been tested thoroughly in the product development phase at the Arizona test site. The excavator drivers have been enthusiastic. Peter Bills, Komatsu excavator driver of Komatsu, commented: "I've never driven such a good excavator before. The productivity of the excavator is incredible. It's so direct and fast, I only know it from much smaller types,". And that's exactly where the challenge lay. Although the PC7000 weighs more than 600 tons the excavator is as agile and flexible as smaller machines. The key to success is innovation, led by our engineering and design team. Komatsu has always been a company focused on innovation and technology and combined with the experience in mining, the PC7000 becomes a game changer. Thanks to years of innovation processes, the highest demands on suppliers and extensive testing are the trailblazers for such great innovations in excavators.

Big Data is a particular concern for the customer which becomes more and more important. The PC7000-11 is prepared for an optional payload meter (PLM) on board. The PLM provides full visibility in bucket fill weight, measures performance and tracks truckload. Komatsu is always interested in accompanying its customers in the digital age and offering solutions.

The trip to South America started at 13.12. from our plant in Düsseldorf. The first destination is the harbor in Düsseldorf-Reisholz. From there, the excavator leaves to Antwerp within a few days before the big journey begins. The PC7000-11 is then loaded from Antwerp onto the ship to its destination in La Plata, Argentina. After the arrival in La Plata, the excavator is transported in individual parts with over 40 trucks to its destination mine “Veladero” which is operated by Barrick.

A notable point is the height of the operation: The excavator operates in 4500 meters above sea level. This point also poses challenges. An excavator works quite differently at this altitude; the pressure of the oils changes, the temperatures are demanding and the engine also needs a different tuning. This is not a challenge for the excavators of Komatsu, thanks to decades of experience in the field. The outside temperature rises to over 30° C in summer but drops to as low as -35° C in winter, oil and petrol have to be adjusted accordingly.

As soon as all parts of the excavator arrive in the mine, the assembly starts. The assembly process will take between 4-6 weeks. After the assembly, the service of Komatsu does not stop. Komatsu sends service personnel and excavator trainers to the customer to optimize the machine and train the excavator drivers on site. Not only the drivers but also the maintenance staff are trained. This is where the concept of continuous improvement comes in, the aim is to support and assist the customer at all times.

Thanks to the strong support of our distributor, parts and service support are tailor made. The stock at the mine site provides the most urgent spare parts such as pumps, rollers and tracks.

Considering the two PC5500 working at this site already and the satisfaction of the performance, Komatsu appreciates the expansion of the fleet and the trust of the customer.

Komatsu Germany GmbH
Mining Division