Komatsu arranges special Antonov transport

One of our long-term customers in the U.S. experienced a sudden failure on a slew ring. The failure occurred on an older model of the current PC5500 machine and the required version of the slew ring was not available in the country to be installed in our customer’s machine.

Komatsu Germany still kept inventory to support this machine-type in Germany, but the regular sea transport would have taken up to five weeks. Regular air-transport was not an option either. The diameter of this slew ring is approx. 4 meters, hence it´s too large to be loaded into a regular 747 cargo aircraft.

To keep the transport time and the downtime of our customer’s machine at a reasonable level, a special air-transport was arranged by chartering the super-large Antonov cargo aircraft. Our Komatsu logistic team started immediately to get the slew ring prepared for shipment. To minimize the outer dimensions, the bearing was unpacked and mounted to a less bulky special support, where it was properly secured and protected against mechanical impacts. This took less than one day. Komatsu Logistics arranged the transport to the airport in Liège, where the bearing was finally successfully loaded into the Antonov airplane. The aircraft has a maximum load of 120 tons, can carry goods with a length of up to 36 meters and a wingspan of 73 meters.

In comparison to the enormous freight capacity of this cargo-plane the slew-ring – in spite of its impressive dimensions - seemed somehow lost in the width of the cargo hold, but it was the only chance to have it shipped in time. Already in 2013 we had some experience with the shipment of goods to Russia with the Antonov aircraft. The flight was rather uneventful and the plane landed safely in the U.S. where the cargo was already impatiently awaited. After unloading and customs clearance, it was immediately transported to the mine-site and our customer could start with the installation of the slew ring on his machine.

This example shows that we do our utmost to support our customers.

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Komatsu Slew Ring Antonov transport