PC3000-6: From Germany to Burkina Faso

Two PC3000-6 ultra-large hydraulic excavators will be shipped to the Essakane Mine in Burkina Faso owned by the company IAMGOLD. The mine produces between 350,000 and 390,000 ounces of pure gold annually.

Due to the various safety risks, this order is a real challenge that can only be handled by our expert knowledge and by many years of experience in the mining business. The Essakane Mine is located in Burkina Faso. The final location is near the border to Mali and Niger. The logistics and transport processes have to be precisely coordinated in advance with our distributor BIA to ship the goods safely to their destination. As a result of the legendary Komatsu SLQDC (Safety-Law-Quality-Delivery-Costs) approach, the safety risk can be kept to a minimum. First, all parts of the excavators are transported by our logistics partners by truck to the port of Rotterdam. From there, the parts are dispatched to Togo. Then they will be transported by truck to Burkina Faso. Both Komatsu ultra-large PC3000 hydraulic excavators will finally arrive in December at the mine. At this time, the temperature will be at about 15°C, maximum. The assembly of the two excavators will take place in the Essakane Mine.

Several thousand individual parts will be used to build the Komatsu PC3000-6. Booth excavators are equipped with a 14 cum front shovel bucket, which is equipped with a heavy-duty wear package for ultra-abrasive material. It is the combination with the outstanding wear package and the long-lasting Cummins Tier2 diesel engine, which is one of the reason for the exceptional operation. The PC3000-6 excavator enables the customer to dig the high-density material in the Essakane goldmine. The raw material has a density of up to 1.9 t/cum and can be moved perfectly by our excavators. The two PC3000 reach an engine power of up to 940kW (1260hp) at 1800 rpm.

As soon as the installation is completed, the Komatsu distributor BIA sends service personnel and trainers to the customer for training purposes. Together, we adapt the excavators to the mine conditions. Our trainers accompany the customer’s operators on their way until they can control the excavator entirely on their own. The training ranges from simple to complex application scenes. Thus the drivers learn step by step, how to handle every situation correctly and to do everything properly. Through this training, it is possible to achieve the highest safety standards in combination with the best production results. Komatsu always optimizes its customers’ operations. The service staff ensures that the settings for the machine, e.g., oil pressure, fuel consumption, KOMTRAX, are well configured.

The implemented safety features, the quality and durability of our products are the reason why Komatsu is the leading manufacturer of mining equipment in the world. Komatsu always strive to offer our mining customers the best possible service, which guarantees the highest safety and best production results at the lowest possible cost-per-tone ratio.

Komatsu Germany
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