About 900 people are currently employed by Komatsu Germany - Mining Division. Our success factors are close customer contacts, sustainability and environmental management. We offer attractive products and are the innovative engineering pioneers in the mining industry. Our prior commitment is to provide the maximum safety of our machines as well as superior quality and innovative solutions combined with individual services tailor-made to our customers’ needs.

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Shovel Capacity16 m322 m329 m336 m342 m3
Backhoe Capacity15 m322 m329 m336 m342 m3
Truck Match85 to 165 ton150 to 240 ton150 to 240 ton240 to 290 ton240 to 400 ton
Engine Power940 kW1400 kW2 x 940 kW2 x 1250 kW2 x 1500 kW
Operating Weight~ 250 tons~ 399 tons~ 545 tons~ 685 tons~ 745 tons
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Hydraulic Excavators

Komatsu’s mining excavator factory is located close to the city of Düsseldorf and covers an area of almost 110,000 square metres. Since 1980, the factory has manufactured more than 1050 hydraulic excavators larger than 150 tonnes.

KGM currently manufactures the

  • PC3000-6

  • PC4000-6

  • PC4000-11

  • PC5500-6

  • PC7000-6

  • PC7000-11

  • PC8000-6

We offer customized solutions every mine is different. You are digging different materials and facing challenging natural circumstances. In order to fulfil your business requirements under the toughest conditions, Komatsu specialised on providing you with customised solutions. Komatsu offers different packages especially designed by our experience from more than 1050 machines in the field.

As a result we provide shovels with different applications and drive train options:


  • Front Shovel 
  • Backhoe

Drive Train

  • Diesel
  • Electric 

The selection of the right equipment is essential for the success of your operation. The right shovel configuration is required to allow the most reliable production. Therefore Komatsu helping you selecting the right product configuration. By talking to our customers, gathering field data and evaluating machine performance Komatsu has developed several packages matching your material and working environment best. In addition, for more detailed requirements, Komatsu is keen on providing the right solution. 

Technical Superiority

Komtrax lets you monitor your operation and all essential details about your Komatsu machine, directly in the cabin. The information collected by Komtrax is trasmitted and rquest, and acessible through intelligent digital solutions. KomtraxPlus delivers cost saving information, facilitates peak machine performance, allows proactive and preventive maintenance.

KomVision helps to reduce the accidents in the pit and it provides a better feeling for the operators. KomVision is one of our key features regarding the safety. It helps to protect the operator from any danger. Several cameras on and around the excavator are mounted to grant the most possible amount of safety. Marked areas around the excavators highlighted safety area, working area and the dumping area. The operator recognizes any movement of foreign objects in his working area. He is able to react. All units of the seven implemented cameras are available for a single view to a detailed image of the surrounding. Safety is a big point for every customer of us.

The Payload Meter is a measuring tool to identify the bucket payload. Due to the immediately shown bucket payload the operator is able to load the truck more efficient. Reduced truck loading time due to decreased required passes per truck. The payload meter system will be
integrated into the Komtrax Plus 2 monitoring system. Reporting via KomtraxPlus 2 will show the payload history as well as improved data. The PLM is a helpful tool for data analysis and helps the mine manager to plan their fleets.

The Simplified System is a result of engineering power. Saving of electrical parts as well as no need for additional node boxes and the release of new controller generation. Added to this, we worked on a well structured, clean and lean electrical switch cabinet. The relays and connectors are placed in a separated sealed switch cabinet. We enhanced the extended machine settings to adjust via the Komtrax Plus monitor in the cabin. We developed new sensors for measuring data. Thus, we can show every error on the machine for real-time maintenance. Through our new developments, customers have a simplified troubleshooting, higher availability and lower cost per tone.

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