Supervision and Training by field-experienced experts for a safe and productive operation

Field Service

Komatsu relies on its comprehensive and global dealer network to minimize customer's downtime and keep the equipment running at peak performance. Therefore, Komatsu's business focusses on its skilled technicians and a proactive partner approach with its customers, to combining global excellence with local knowledge to make mines run more efficient. Komatsu offers its customers individual field service solutions to improve cost and efficiency of machine maintenance activities.


Regular inspections reduce the risk of unplanned downtime. Komatsu follows a proactive approach toward preventive maintenance. In this manner, Komatsu supports its customers in conducting regular inspections by supplying guidelines or providing on-the-job guidance.

Machine Conversions

Sometimes, external parameters change and your mining operation requires a complete mine site layout change. This may also include changing from a front shovel operation to a backhoe operation or a diesel to an electric drive. In this case, Komatsu offers the right support, parts and solutions helping customers transform their machines.

Machine Overhauls

Customers sometimes have the opportunity to run their mine longer than expected. Nevertheless, purchasing new equipment is not financially viable. With Komatsu as a partner, they have the chance to give their machines a second life. After a pre-investigation of the machine's steel structure Komatsu offers an individual overhaul kit, allowing your machine to work even longer.