Supervision and Training by field-experienced experts for a safe and productive operation

Wear Parts

In order to increase the the lifetime of our buckets, Komatsu has designed several wear package solutions. Based on field studys, Komatsu's engineers have evaluated the diggig procedure and developed individual protection solutions for hard rock and soft material applications.

Spare Parts

Komatsu's comprehensive spare parts network is continuously improving to supply our customers in time with their required components. Based on Komatsu's lifetime calculations, spare parts will be allocated to the closest warehouses nearby.

To improve the global spare part handling capabilities Komatsu has invested in building a new central spare part hub at its Düsseldorf site in Germany. On an area of more than 7000 m2, Komatsu stores up to 250000 parts ready for shipment.

Reman Products

Reman products allow our customers to save money on spare parts. Therefore, customers return their old components in exchange for a new rebuild one. The old component will be examined and checked before eventually being rebuild. For each return customers benefit from Komatsu's core return program.

Field Campaigns

Komatsu is dedicated to improve component and machine quality. In case of a component failure in the field, Komatsu conducts detailed field campaigns to identify the cause of the issue. After in-depth analysis Komatsu will develop and identify a solution on how to minimize the risk of failure and improve the component lifetime.