Supervision and Training by field-experienced experts for a safe and productive operation

Our mining shovels are designed to the highest safety standards and with operator and maintenance personell needs in mind. From the very beginning, we support our clients with experienced supervision and a sophisticated training schedule on-site and in dedicated Komatsu training facilities.

Assembly / Commissioning Supervision

Building up shovels requires detailed knowledge and a technical understanding. Especially, if you have a tight time schedule for getting the machine to work, Komatsu Germany is able to provide you with an assembly supervisor. Their years of experience help you assemble the shovel quicker and more safely.

Operations Training

The shovel operators are your operations backbone. Their skills and performance matters, getting the most out of the machines. Therefore continuous training is mandatory to raise the operators skill level to increase production and turnovers in the end.

Preventive Maintenance Training

Preventive maintenance is your key to success. Komatsu provides you with a detailed guide for preventive maintenance activities allowing the shovel to work more reliable as unplanned downtime due to component failures are limited. In the end you are able to plan and controll your maintenance activities much better resulting in higher machine performance.

Safety Training

Safety matters is an incremental process in your operation. Being more safe also means higher quality, higher quality also resolves in higher production. We teach your maintenance staff and operators how to service and operate the shovel safely and avoid hazardous situations.